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The Solemnity of the ANNUNCIATION

WEDNESDAY 7:00 PM MARCH 25, 2015


Holy Angels Catholic Church
Solemnity Mass of the Annunciation. Rev. Greg Konerman will be Celebrant, Homilist, and Speaker. There will be a Special Blessing for Mothers (and families) awaiting birth.

Holy Angels Catholic Church

1322 Brown St., Dayton, OH 45409
Following Mass Fr. Konerman will give a presentation on “How to strengthen our domestic Church, evangelize our children, and persevere as a Catholic family in a pagan culture”. Prior to his ordination to the priesthood, Fr. Greg worked for many years as a therapist and family counselor. He holds Masters Degrees in Divinity,Psychology and Social Work.
Light refreshments will be available.


Click image to download event flyer.

Annunciation & Incarnation are two distinct events that occur virtually at the same theological “moment”. Mary’s “let it be done unto me” response to God’s request–delivered by Angel Gabriel–was all the Holy Spirit needed to spark the Word taking human nature/life in Mary. Thus God became Man; and Man was elevated to being infinitely more in the image and likeness of God.

Thus the greatest event in human history came to be. The new “Big Bang” restarts time, even now acknowledged by the BC/AD calendar.

And so it is a time for great celebration–let the church bells ring throughout the land. Let us praise God in the Holy Trinity, recognizing the intense role of each Person of the Trinity: Father/Creator ordaining this event for all time, procreating Mary immaculate, and sending His only Son–His Word–the Second Person of the Trinity–destined to be our Redeemer–to be conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit–the Third Person and Sanctifier of the Trinity.

We invite you–urge you–to celebrate with us at Holy Angels Church in Dayton, or your local Church. Praise God for His wondrous mercy and love.

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