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Respect Life Month

October, Respect Life Month

The Respect Life Program begins anew each year on Respect Life Sunday, the first Sunday in October. The 2015-16 Respect Life Program theme, describes the joyful truth that every life is worth living. The poster elaborated by USCCB illustrates the universality of this truth through the inclusion of three photos depicting people of different ages and different kinds of vulnerability.”

In honor of Respect Life Month, One More Soul is offering a powerful pro-life pamphlet named “Just Look” . The text is by the late Edward Cardinal Egan of New York and the main illustration was chosen by him to support the text, which it does very well. This marks a great opportunity to change hearts at this very opportune time. Other resources for celebrating and promoting LIFE in your area can be found at One More Soul website (www. One More For more information, go to the USCCB Respect Life Program (

Resources for Respect Life Month

Theresa Burke courageously brings to the table an issue rarely discussed, the abortifacient nature of hormonal birth control. Even more uniquely,it shares the testimonies of couples who have suffered anguish, grief,and guilt after realizing that they aborted some of their own children. She strives to warn others from going down the same path to destruction that contraception led them. For pastors, counselors,and the well informed pro-lifer.

The Contraception of Grief

Author: Burke PhD, Theresa
Code: BCOG

Price: $8.00

Newly revised and updated in July 2011. How the Pill increases the risk of breast cancer, and effective strategies for prevention. Women who take contraceptive pills before their first full pregnancy are 44% more likely to develop breast cancer before menopause. This is a real eye opener for people who thought the Pill was harmless.

The Pill and Breast Cancer

Author: Chris Kahlenborn, MD
Code: PBCP

Price: $0.35

From a Bible-oriented Christian background and wide ranging knowledge of the subject, the author examines the topic of The Pill and Abortions with logic and honesty. He concludes that there is very strong evidence that contraceptive pills cause abortions and there is NO evidence that they do not. Concluding that it can never be ethical for a Christian to use this sort of contraceptive

Does The Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?

Author: Alcorn, Randy
Code: BDBC

Price: $4.00

One More Soul’s English Pamphlet Packet contains one each of the pamphlets published by One More Soul and other company’s on topics such as contraception, natural family planning, breast cancer, chastity, and abortion a total of 45. A great way to find radically pro-life resources for your ministry. A $15.30 value.

English Pamphlet Packet

Code: SPPP

Price: $8.00

La Pildora y el cancer de seno

Author: Kahlenborn MD, Chris
Code: PBCPsp

Price: $0.35

Our culture has gone far astray in thinking of children as a curse. The Blessings of Children, taken from the book Called to Give Life, shows beautifully and poetically just what a blessing children are.

The Blessings of Children

Author: Adams M.A., Jason T
Code: PTBC

Price: $0.35

A new (2008) and updated version of Donum Vitae (the Vatican statement on the rights and dignity of newly conceived humans). With wonderful clarity and passion, the authors discuss numerous reproductive issues: in vitro fertilization, cloning, use of embryonic stem cells, embryo adoption, and much more.

The Dignity of a Person (Dignitatis Personae)

Author: Congregation for the doctrine of faith
Code: BDOP

Price: $5.95

“Duelo Prohibido es un repaso fiel e impactante de las experiencias de la Dra. Theresa Burke, terapeuta de cientos de mujeres con secuelas emocionales provocadas por abortos. La Dra.Burke expone los obstaculos en el camino hacia la recuperacion tras el abort, repasa los distintos y profundos problemas de adaptacion del posaborto e ilustra como podemos crear una sociedad mas comprensiva y saludable en la que las mujeres no tengan que ocultar mas su dolor.”

Duelo Prohibido: El dolor no expresado del Aborto

Author: Theresa Burke PhD
Code: BFGUsp

Price: $21.95

“La pildora del dia despues” y otros tipos de “anticoncepcion de emergencia”

Author: Liliana Cote de Bejarano MD, MPH
Code: PMAPsp

Price: $0.35

This handbook by Dr. Clowes covers topics as Contraception, Abortion, End of
life issues, Homosexuality, The Sacrament of Matrimony and Assisted Reproductive
Technologies so pastors, seminarians, teachers and any lay person will have a
correct understanding of the issues and the Church’s response. This book will be
a valuable tool in spreading the Gospel of Life and Love and will help people to
save lives and souls.

A Pro-Life Pastoral Handbook

Author: Clowes, Brian
Code: BAPH

Price: $8.00

Breast Cancer, Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill is based on six years of study and a meticulous analysis of hundreds of scientific papers and other sources, Dr. Chris Kahlenborn documents the effect that abortion and hormonal contraception have on breast cancer

Breast Cancer, Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill

Author: Kahlenborn MD, Chris
Code: BBCL

Price: $9.95

Draw attention to the importance of Choosing Life with this hand made tie. The color matches the Choose Life Scarf/Sash for her. For Him.

Choose Life Tie

Author: Choose Life
Code: MCLT

Price: $10.00

“Contraceptive sex” wrote social science researcher Mary Eberstadt in 2012, “is the fundamental social fact of our time.” In this important and pointed book, Charles E Rice, of the Notre Dame Law School, makes the novel claim that the acceptance of contraception is a prelude to persecution. He makes the striking point that contraception is not essentially about sex. It is a First Commandment issue: Who is God?

Contraception & Persecution

Author: Rice, Charles E
Code: BCPR

Price: $20.00

Esta es la pregunta que Jenna Tosh hizo a la gente de Orlando, Florida cuando asumió su nuevo cargo como directora ejecutiva de Paternidad Planificada (Planned Parenthood). “Yo esperaba una lucha sobre el aborto, pero nunca esperaba esto acerca del control de la natalidad “, dijo la nueva directora ejecutiva….

Cuál es el GRAN PROBLEMA acerca del Control de la Natalidad

Author: Rebecca Peck

Download a printable version of this publication. You may print and distribute this freely provided that it is printed without alteration.
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ENCONTRANDO UN TESORO es la historia de una pareja joven de inmigrantes que por desconocimiento de las enseñanzas de la iglesia con respecto a la planificación familiar usan múltiples métodos artificiales anticonceptivos. Después de mucho sufrimiento, siguen el consejo de su párroco y verdaderamente encuentran un tesoro.

Encontrando Un Tesoro

Author: One More Soul Staff
Code: CEUTspm

Price: $1.00

“Forbidden Grief is a compelling haunting review of Dr Theresa Burke’s experience in couseling hundreds of women who have experienced abortion. Dr. Burke exposes the obstacles in the way of post-abortion healing, reviews the full range and depth of post-abortion issues, and illustrates how we can create a more understanding, just the healing society where women will no longer be required to hide their pain.”

Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion

Author: Theresa Burke PhD,
Code: BFGU

Price: $17.95

“La pareja perfecta” es una adaptación de la historia de la pareja Alexander narrada en el folleto llamado “We Had Everything… but Happiness “. Esta pareja tenía salud, un salario de seis cifras, una hermosa casa, dos hijos maravillosos, y una vasectomía. En pocas palabras se sentían miserables. En formato de radio novela usted descubrirá como esta pareja con la gracia de Dios encuentra la sanidad, la plenitud y la verdadera felicidad.

La Pareja Perfecta

Author: One More Soul
Code: CLPPspm

Price: $1.00

Nuestra cultura ha ido lejos por mal camino al pensar en los niños como una maldición. Este artículo, tomado del libro Llamados a Dar la Vida, muestra hermosa y poéticamente que bendición son los niños.

Las bendiciones de los hijos

Author: Adams M.A., Jason T
Code: PTBCsp

Price: $0.35

MI NUEVO DOCTOR es una historia de una familia que de una u otra forma experimenta los efectos adversos de la píldora anticonceptiva. Afortunadamente “la tía” conoce un nuevo doctor que le aclara muchas dudas y le enseña un método natural no solo para planificar la familia sino también para cuidar la salud reproductiva.

Mi Nuevo Doctor

Author: One More Soul Staff
Code: CMNDspm

Price: $1.00

Cada uno de nuestros folletos en español.

Paquete de folletos en español

Author: One More Soul
Code: SPPPsp

Price: $3.00

This article is the text of a stirring sermon exhorting people to turn away from contraception and to espouse natural family planning. Fr. Suriani makes the case that contraception is at the root of abortion and many other evils.

Perceiving the Contraception Connection

Author: Fr. Raymond Suriani

Download a printable version of this publication. You may print and distribute this freely provided that it is printed without alteration.
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Drawing on her life experiences and John Paul II’s theology of the body,
the author shows the fallacies of the modern-day sex-obsessed culture
and, with intelligence and wit, explains why living chastity is
‘thrilling’. For the single man or woman.

The Thrill of the Chaste

Author: Dawn Eden
Code: BTTC

Price: $13.99

How effective are contraceptives used after sexual intercourse and what problems are connected with them.

The “Morning After Pill” and other types of “Emergency Contraception” Myths and Realities

Author: Lili Cote de Bejarano, MD, MPH
Code: PMAP

Price: $0.35

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