Sterilization Reversal Stories

Many couples have contacted us with stories of their journey to accepting sterilization, how they realized what a treasure their fertility was, and what happened when they welcomed this treasure once again. Here we have assembled some of these stories as they came to us. We plan to add new ones as they come in. We would be happy to hear from you. Just put your story in an e-mail to or add it to an e-mail message as an attachment. Our deepest thanks to those who have opened their hearts for us here.

  • 100 percent Feminine
  • A Mistake Redeemed
  • A thankful mother
  • Abundance and Joy
  • Another great reversal story
  • Changed Hearts
  • Christmas Gift
  • Coming Home
  • Don't Give Up Hope
  • From Tragedy to Deeper Love
  • Great new sterilization reversal story.
  • I am Woman
  • I Have Been Led
  • Lost and then Found
  • Lynn's Reversal
  • Miraculous Reversal
  • My heart is at peace
  • New Hope
  • No fear except holy fear
  • Nothing is impossible
  • Seeking a Reversal
  • Setting Things Straight
  • So Thankful
  • The Pain of Vasectomy-Desperation for Reversal
  • This Precious Child
  • Tubal Ligation - DON'T YOU DO IT!
  • We need help!!!
  • Whole again
  • You Have Kept the Good Wine until Now

    The Sterilization Reversal Book is available Here.

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